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What is there to do at Northview?

After School Sports
Contact Person: Miss Bronner & Miss Smith
Available for: 4th & 5th grade students
Description: See Athletics Tab for more details

Art Club
Contact Person: Mrs. Garbison
Available for: 2nd-5th grade students
Description: Northview Art Clubs run from September through May with three different sign ups during the year.  We want to include all children who are interested, because all students are artists!  

Book Club
Contact Person: Mrs. Magnetti, Mrs. Schwerdt, Mrs. Thorgren
Available for: K-5th grade students
Description: Meets several times throughout the year. After reading a specific book students attend a meeting to discuss and participate in fun activities.

Contact Person: Mr. Meyer
Available for: 4th & 5th grade students
Description: Choir is a before school activity open to all 4th and 5th graders. We meet every Thursday morning (7:50-8:30) from mid-September through early December and then again from mid-January through May.  During the Fall semester we prepare songs that are performed at the annual Holiday Concert: This Is Our Story.  During the Spring semester we prepare songs for the Northview Music Program, The Northview Variety Show, and the Awards Day assembly. 

Game Club
Contact Person: Mrs. Magnetti
Available for: Various Grade Levels 
Description: Meets after school for students to learn and play fun board games. 

Contact Person: Miss Bronner & Mrs. Gingrich 
Available for: 4th & 5th grade students

Kinder Book Club 
Contact Person: Ms. Provenzano
Available for: Kindergarten Students

Description: This club will meet one Wednesday a month after school from
3:30-4:30. Each month, we will read a book that we will focus on together as a group.We will discuss, analyze and make connections with the book that we are studying. During our meeting time, we will do a hands-on activity that connects to the book.
You will also leave each meeting with a take-home activity to expand your learning! Space is limited in this group. 

Contact Person: Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Thorgren
Available for: K-5 
Description: Our new Makerspace (housed in the library) will be available for all students to use at some point throughout the school year. Makerspace meets on Tuesdays before school. Watch for a note to come home announcing when your grade level is invited to attend. 

Math Bowl
Contact Person:  Ms. Billings & Miss Smith
Available for: 4th and 5th grade students
Description: Students practice and learn new math skills in preparation to compete as a team against schools from across the state of Indiana.

Science Bowl
Contact Person: Mrs. Jones 
Available for: 4th and 5th grade students
Description: Students explore different concepts of science through experiments and study as the team prepares to compete in a state wide competition.

Spell Bowl
Contact Person: Mrs. Magnetti & Miss Smith
Available for: 4th and 5th grade students
Description: Students practice learning how to spell a list of 750 words.  Individual students then represent the team in a written competition against schools from  across the state of Indiana.

Student Council
Contact Person: Mrs. Carter & Ms. Provenzano
Available for: 1st-5th grade students

Contact Person: Mrs. Hefner 
Available for: 5th grade students
Description: LEAD stands for Leadership, Empathy, Accountability, and Discussion.  Students in Team LEAD meet every other week during  recess to learn/practice pro-social skills.